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Phylogenesis: FOA’s Ark
Foreign Office Architects
ISBN: 8495951479

Through a series of competitions, speculative commissions, and built work, FOA's first monograph is structured to reflect the development of their specific attitude and as a compendium of the technical arsenal that they use to within their practice. The resultant body of work is not simply a series of experiments, but is a consistent reservoir of architectural species that will continue to proliferate, mutate, and evolve in the coming years. With the spirit of scientific classification, the genesis of an architectural project is identified within a series of phylum, actualized and simultaneously virtualized, in their specific application to the unique conditions of a project's location. Phylogenesis also includes a collection of texts from several critics who investigate related topics that touch upon different aspects of FOA's discourse.

The Yokohama Project
Foreign Office Architects
ISBN: 84-95951-18-5

As a complex entity, an interesting building always has an interesting epic, a story that is embedded in the organisation of matter. A specific building epic, that of the Yokohama International Port terminal, is described in this book, the first in the series of Verb monographs. The book is structured as a replica of architecture design team's unique process, one where every member is in charge of an entire design package. This editorial structure has two fundamental intentions: first, to depict the design development process as the growth of ideas from rather specific material domains; second, to rediscover the linearity of the ordering system of construction documents. As an experiment falling outside of the typical architecture publication, we have chosen to exlude critical texts (theorisation on the work) in favor of a description of the set of decisions that made various matters evolve into a building.

Books bought:
-Phylogenesis: foa's ark--Foreign office architects
-The Yokohama Project--Foreign office architects
-Art4D Magazine Number150--September 2006

Books read:
-The Yokohama Project--Foreign office architects
-Art4D Magazine Number150--September 2006
-นิตยสารสารคดี ฉบับที่ 259--เดือนกันยายน 2549

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