Saturday, November 25, 2006


KM3 Excursions on Capacities
ISBN : 84-95951-85-1

Three-dimensionality can be seen as architecture's fundamental existence, the profession's acclaimed domain. In times of globalism and scale enlargement, an update of this definition seems needed: metres turn into kilometres, “M3” becomes “KM3”. KM3 is a story about a world that is getting dense. Very dense. It constructs its logical response: a city that is denser. A city that is continuously under construction, with space for limitless capacities, populations and possibilities. Beyond scarcity. Beyond separation. Beyond pessimism and protectionism. The 3D City. A free-fall in endless space. From right to left, from front to back, from above to below. Pure depth. Without escape. Yet. KM3 is more a construct than an analysis. KM3 is a hypothesis. A theoretical city. And a possible urban theory. KM3 can also be seen as a science-fiction novel, a twin pair that describes this upcoming city as an emerging presence, an already existing 'other' world within known reality. Included with the book is a DVD of animations and two urban planning software programs designed by MVRDV.

Book bought:
-KM3 Excursions on Capacities--MVRDV

Books read:
-Philosophical Events: Essays of the '80--John Rajchman
-Art4d Magazine--October 2006

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