Sunday, November 19, 2006


Looking for Mies
Ricardo Daza
ISBN : 84-95273-38-1

A short and compelling text, 'Looking for Mies' aims to reveal the man behind the architecture. The now famous photograph of Mies van der Rohe in a steel and glass building smoking a cigar has fascinated and intrigued the author to such an extent, that he has painstakingly researched the events surrounding its taking.

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Books read:
-20th Century Boys เล่ม 19-21--Naoki Urasawa
-Seattle Public Library--OMA/LMN
-Looking for Mies--Ricardo Daza

-ร่างกายใต้บงการ: ปฐมบทแห่งอำนาจในวิถีสมัยใหม่--มิแช็ล ฟูโกต์ แปลโดย ทองกร โภคธรรม

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